Cute chihuahua, aged 8, who suffers from noise aversion


Aldous Huxley (‘Aldy’ for short) is an 8 year old chihuahua, and one of the smallest cuddle monsters out there. Undoubtedly, he’s one of those little guys who thinks he runs the “show”. His favorite place to be is in his mom’s arms, or beside his sister, Nina. If you spend 2 seconds around him, you’ll realize he may be a little guy, but he has a big heart and his bark is definitely bigger than his bite. Give him 2 more seconds, and he’ll warm right up to you!

How could you tell something was wrong with Aldy when it came to the noises?

“When we moved out of our house and into a condo, Aldy quickly became triggered by the noise of the elevator doors opening and closing just outside our apartment door. I think it’s because he sensed the person coming out of the elevator was always coming to our door, and he just couldn’t handle it.”

Jess noticed that it evolved beyond just the elevator doors, and Aldy was starting to be affected by all sounds, big and small. She knew something needed to be done.

“Every single noise, he would start baking. Putting a glass down, moving a chair, opening the elevator doors. It was non-stop. This would go on to create an endless cause of anxiety for him, regardless of having an actual visitor, or what was happening around him”.

Why did you decide to try Kitsie?

“To be frank, I was a little hesitant at first. Although I’ve used CBD for my personal wellness for years now, I wasn’t really familiar with CBD for Pets. Most importantly, I wanted to try an all-natural solution that would hopefully work to either help reduce the noise aversion or stop it altogether.”

Although Jess was accustomed to the benefits of CBD, she wanted to make sure it was the right fit for Aldy. She wasn’t going to buy the first CBD she saw, and she was going to make sure she found the right one.

“So I definitely spent a few hours researching. I came across Kitsie and was quickly convinced. I loved how they had a vet involved, and a bunch of information on their site. I thought the company looked really playful and welcoming, and ultimately, it gained my trust” 

How could you tell Kitsie was working?

“I could tell that it was working basically as soon as we started using it! About a half hour after his first dose, we heard the elevator door open and Aldy didn’t even flinch. To be honest, at the time I was a little distracted so I didn’t even notice right away but about 5 minutes later it happened again and it just kind of hit me, ‘wow, Aldy didn’t bark’. Honestly, it’s been so much better ever since we started on a daily basis. He’s way calmer, he’s more playful with his little sister Nina, I’m spared the physical headaches from all the barking and the 3 of us are just generally happier. We’re so happy we found Kitsie!”


Caring about our Pet’s wellness is an everyday journey. If you think your furry loved one may benefit from Kitsie like Aldy did, you can learn more about our Kitsie treats and oils below. [BUY LINK]