How Huxley Got Back to Chasing Frisbees Again
Huxley is a 10 year old Corgi although you wouldn’t know it based on how hard he goes in the paint chasing after frisbees and squirrels. When he’s not chasing down toys he’s chilling on one of way too many beds around the house or taking up as much space on the couch as he can. He loves people and herding the 4 humans he chooses to let live in “his” house.

How could you tell something was wrong?

Structural engineers took the day off when Corgis were designed. As a breed they’re prone to back and hip problems as well as arthritis. “We knew since we decided to get a Corgi that they were prone to problems so we’ve always tried to look after Huxley’s weight to prevent them. A couple of years ago we started using CBD to give him the best chance at living a long healthy life and keeping those issues at bay.” Health issues might have been the main motivator to try CBD but Jesse and Megan have noticed other benefits as well. “He’s barked at weird stuff his whole life, like the click the TV makes when we turn it off. We thought it was a bit annoying but nothing to be that concerned about. Since we started him on CBD he definitely has fewer triggers and doesn’t bark at nearly as much. He’s definitely calmer in his downtime around the house.”

Why Kitsie?

“Since CBD is such a new space for dogs we wanted to make sure we were giving him something that was tested and safe. There are so many companies out there that sell CBD that basically ask you to trust them that what they’re selling you is what they say it is. I wouldn’t blindly trust a company for my own CBD products so I’m not going to for my dog’s either. Kitsie takes testing and safety seriously and the amount of education and info they provide goes a long way for me to feel confident in them and the products they make.”

How could you tell it was working?

“I’ll admit it wasn’t an overnight difference, it wasn’t like he woke up the next day a new dog. We had gotten so used to his triggers that it took a while for us to notice that he wasn’t barking when we expected him to or running at the front door when someone came to the house. It wasn’t until we ran out for a week after forgetting to order more that we noticed the difference it made, so now we definitely make sure we’re stocked up. Health-wise he’s stayed as active as he’s been his whole life (maybe more) chasing frisbees as hard as ever. We just got back from the vet who said that for a dog his age he’s in amazing shape. We’ll be giving him CBD to help keep him that way!”
Written by Mead Johnston

Mead is an experienced dog trainer, writer, and lover of animals. She has always been surrounded by animals and had a passion for learning more about them every day. This passion grew tremendously when Mead brought home a Great Pyrenees x Golden Retriever named Mac in 2018. Mead has continued to learn more about dogs whenever possible and wherever possible, while also helping so many wonderful clients. Her goal is help her clients and their dogs become confident in their daily lives. As a dog trainer, she often helps clients who are starting off with a puppy or they might have an older dog that is presenting challenging behaviours. Mead believes in the all-natural uses of Pet CBD to help our furry loved ones live longer, happier and healthier lives.

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