How Chase Could Play Again With The Help of Pet CBD

Chase, aka “The good guy”, is a 7 year old yellow lab. There’s not a minute that goes by that this guy doesn’t have a smile on his face. Chase makes friends with everyone he meets, and isn’t shy in enjoying a few treats. His head always seems to find its way into your palm. He’s a family man - a son to me, a grandson to my parents, a nephew to my brothers and their better halves and a cousin to his friend, Skittle. I brought Chase home all those years by surprise - Did I catch everyone off guard? Yes. Did everyone end up falling in love with him? Also yes. There’s nothing we wouldn’t do for the ‘good guy’

How could you tell something was bothering Chase ?

“Chase loves to ‘play’, and loves to cuddle. Big cuddle guy. So after one of our regular trips to the park, I noticed he was walking a little gingerly. It wasn’t anything totally worrisome, but it was something that told me he wasn’t himself and something I intended on keeping an eye on. Later that day when we got home, he had a hard time hopping up on the couch for our cuddle sesh. I thought maybe he had just tweaked it at the park. As he got better over the next few days, and sore again after another park trip, that’s when I knew his hips were definitely bothering him a bit.”

Nick spent some time consulting his vet and doing research. It was important to him that Chase was looked after and could live a life with as little soreness as possible. 

“Ultimately, I just wanted the Good Guy to be happy, and not be sore when we played with his cousin or hopped on the couch for a quick cuddle sesh. He honestly means the world to me, so seeing him in any type of discomfort is something that makes me want to do whatever we can to help mitigate that.”

Cute yellow lab sitting with another cute dog

Why did you decide to try CBD for Dogs?

“I’m actually a CBD user myself. I’ve been lucky enough to see amazing benefits in my personal soreness and so I was already base level familiar with CBD in general and the potential benefits associated with it. For me, it made a difference. So when I heard about Pet CBD, my ears perked up a little.”

Nick understood right away that not everything that’s good or helpful for humans is healthy or helpful for dogs. He needed to feel that same level of confidence if Chase was going to start using CBD.

“Good for me doesn’t mean automatically good for my dog, aka my son. I wanted to do my research, understand the product accordingly, find the right company that spoke to me, learn about the industry in general. When I found Kitsie it basically checked all those boxes for me and I was able to feel confident in the product, and the company, and Chase has been a daily Kitsie user ever since!” 

How could you tell Kitsie was working?

“I could tell that it was working right after our first park trip! I had given him his oil about 15-20 minutes before the park, and on the way back I noticed he didn’t have that ginger stroll to his strut, and was more than ready to hop up and cuddle when we got home. My parents were shocked. Not sure if it was just us hoping for the best, we tried the next day, and same thing. It’s incredible. Of course there are still times where you can tell he’s a little stiff, but has the help from Kitsie oils ever been evident. I’ve recommended it to a few friends already here and there, and plan on using it indefinitely with Chase. A friend of mine mentioned it worked great for her dog’s anxiety, which I was happy to hear.”


Caring about our Pet’s wellness is an everyday journey. If you think your furry loved one may benefit from Kitsie like Chase did, you can learn more about our Kitsie oils, treats and paw balms below. [BUY LINK]

Written by Mead Johnston

Mead is an experienced dog trainer, writer, and lover of animals. She has always been surrounded by animals and had a passion for learning more about them every day. This passion grew tremendously when Mead brought home a Great Pyrenees x Golden Retriever named Mac in 2018. Mead has continued to learn more about dogs whenever possible and wherever possible, while also helping so many wonderful clients. Her goal is help her clients and their dogs become confident in their daily lives. As a dog trainer, she often helps clients who are starting off with a puppy or they might have an older dog that is presenting challenging behaviours. Mead believes in the all-natural uses of Pet CBD to help our furry loved ones live longer, happier and healthier lives.

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