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Why Pet CBD Matters.

There are more than 180 million dogs and cats living with us in America, and many of them experience daily discomfort that we, as pet parents, cannot do much about. That is why Pet CBD products for pet wellness matters.

Whether it's coming from anxiety related issues, or physical stresses, we are always trying to provide the best for our pets, and pet cbd has the power to help.

Why Kitsie is here.

Kitsie® believes Pet CBD may have the power to invigorate your pet's wellness, helping them live more comfortable and happy lives.

Kitsie® is founded on the mission to provide better pet wellness solutions and awareness for caring pet families across America.

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Get Petducated.

Our 'Get Petducated' blog is a resource to find a wide variety of pet wellness articles, so that all of us can be confident and caring pet parents.

We help you Get Petducated on everything related to Pet CBD products for pet wellness, but we also discuss other topics of interest too. If it concerns pets and their well-being, we care about it, and we want to share our findings with you.

Learn from our experts on a number of different topics so you may be better prepared to care for your pet.

A Higher Standard of Happiness

High Strength Pet CBD Oil

Each bottle of Kitsie Pet CBD Oil comes with a spray applicator and contains a high concentration of Pet CBD, giving you more control and value for each dose.

Use your pet's weight to select the right concentration of CBD Oil to best fit their needs.

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Happy Tales from real pet parents about Pet CBD: